Rushing Through The Sky

by Lindsay Schoolcraft

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Crystal (Persephone Dark Queen)
Crystal (Persephone Dark Queen) thumbnail
Crystal (Persephone Dark Queen) I feel like the song, "Into The Night" dries my tears, embraces me in the dark and tells me to become strong.

"Darkness Falls" is so gorgeous and it reminds me of "Secret Door" by Evanescence. And I seriously love that song and band <3 Favorite track: Darkness Falls.
Christopher Allen
Christopher Allen thumbnail
Christopher Allen Between the heartfelt lyrics, wonderful music and beautiful voice there is nothing to dislike. The lyrics are my favourite part but that is always the case with me. I'm a poet who learned everything he knows by listening to music. Favorite track: Masquerade.
Garrison Lee
Garrison Lee thumbnail
Garrison Lee Fantastic writing/multi-instrumental skills with a beautiful voice to match. Choosing the best track is not easy. Favorite track: December Rain (Instrumental).
Ericka Lawson
Ericka Lawson thumbnail
Ericka Lawson A powerfully emotional, melodic, yet haunting album. It gives you a wide arc, and the song-writing is top-notch. I'm not sure I have enough words to describe it, it really is something you have to experience for yourself. Favorite track: Into The Night.
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© 2012 Schoolcraft, under the Songwriters Association of Canada Song Vault
SOCAN publishing 2012


released September 25, 2012

All tracks produced and mixed by Sean Gregory at The Recording House, Toronto

All songs written by Schoolcraft, Additional strings composed and programmed by Daedalus, Cello by Kitty Thompson on tracks 2, 3, 4, & 6.

Artwork by Gogo Melone:



all rights reserved


Lindsay Schoolcraft Oshawa, Ontario

Canadian Singer-Songwriter, Harpist, Pianist, and Orchestral Composer.

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Track Name: Into The Night
Do you hear my calling?
Out your name tonight
I can hear you crawling
Do you know it’s my voice?
I’m ready to take your hand
If you’re ready to start over again

Do you know I’m coming?
The snow leaves your trace
My blood is running
In a fear I can taste
I’m ready to make a stand
If you’re ready to start over again

You know I’ll find you
I’m there behind you
We must face our truth
I’m calling, I’m crawling, towards you

Do you hear my calling?
To the sky tonight
I cry out your name
Afraid of what I’ll find
I’m frozen to touch your hand
But I’m ready to start over again

Into the night the cold burns my eyes
You’re lying there, hold on, please try

© 2012 Songwriters Association of Canada
Track Name: Your Mind
Why can’t you say what you mean to me?
I can’t escape, these moments feel so safe
We don’t even have to try
There is nothing left from you to hide

I’m lost in your mind
What keeps me here I cannot seem to find
I’ve tried to leave this behind
But with you I’d rather waste my time

Your every word I hold on to
I hear your voice before my every move
Your thoughts are a maze that never ends
I long for the need to be free of them

If now is not our time
Tell me then when will you ever be mine?

© 2012 Songwriters Association of Canada
Track Name: December Rain
Wandering aimlessly
Carrying my heart recklessly
Will I ever be free?
Just let me be

December Rain
Drown the pain
Wash all their lies from my veins
Make me feel the cold again
December Rain

Falling sky like a broken sigh
A secret land where I can hide
This sound from the ground
Here I am found

Wash away the shame
I know I’m not to blame
This city can’t be tamed
I will start over again

© 2012 Songwriters Association of Canada
Track Name: You Forever
It gets easier with time
But it’s hard alone at night
Regret all I never said
Time stole you from my grip

I’ll remember You Forever
I hope I never forget your voice
I’ll remember You Forever
I know I’ll never forget your life

This place doesn’t feel the same
It waits for your return again
You made the best of what you had
Please find peace where you can

It’s hard not to fall
To the dark when you’re cold
Your heart warms my soul
Beyond all I know

I’ll remember You Forever
I know, this I know
I’ll remember You Forever
I know I’ll never forget, forget your life

© 2012 Songwriters Association of Canada
Track Name: Masquerade
What a mess we have made
I played along with your little charade
A pet that you though you could tame
I refuse my face in your masquerade
I’m growing hollow, it’s hard to follow

Who you want me to be
My truth I must deceive
In your eyes all I see
Is who you want me to be
That’s just not me

So I was a marionette to pass the time
To the child who was raised just like a mime
This broken doll you can’t hang on a wall
But somehow I think now for I am so small
I feel so shallow, it’s hard to swallow

I can’t dance with these mannequins or act like I’m one of them
For you I’d give anything, but not the last of me

© 2012 Songwriters Association of Canada
Track Name: Darkness Falls
Leaving you behind I can’t forgive
Though you understand I can barely breathe
Know you’ll live on where I go
The deepest part of me will never let go

Time stands still
No words between us
I feel a chill
The end has found us

As the sun sets on our regrets
The moon leads the tragedy
In the dark breeze hear our memories
This air takes my core
I’m changed forevermore

Until I die I’ll be missing you
I try not to cry, I can barely move
Such a strong heart where you buried your love
My heart grew heavy never feeling good enough

When darkness falls
All around you
Remember all
I saw in you

Time stands still
All around me
What can fill
This void inside me

© 2012 Songwriters Association of Canada